Bluetooth Audio

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Our Bluetooth hearing aids make connecting to the world around you effortless.

Bluetooth capabilities

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology that allows digital devices to communicate with one another without the need for wires or cables. Bluetooth is commonly used in personal devices like mobile phones, tablets and computers. And now, that same technology allows us to connect our hearing aids to those same digital devices. This gives you more control, ease and options than ever before. Bluetooth hearing aids can: 

  • Receive calls directly from your smartphone 
  • Watch movies and television at a volume comfortable for you without affecting other viewers 
  • Stream music, podcasts and other audio from your smartphone, tablet or other devices 
  • Integrate with our smartphone-connected apps to control your hearing aids, adjust settings, track your health and more 

*Bluetooth connectivity may vary by device.

Get to know our newest Bluetooth capable hearing aids:


Bluetooth presents a game-changing advantage for individuals with hearing loss. Bluetooth hearing aids can not only enhance audio clarity, but also aid in everyday activities, communication, engagement, and help people lead more active, fulfilling and independent lives. These devices: 

  • Wirelessly connect to devices around you 
  • Personalize your hearing experience 
  • Improve phone call clarity 
  • Stream audio directly from your streaming devices 
  • Keep your brain active 
  • Track your health 
  • Give you control on the go 
  • Enhance your confidence 

Bluetooth accessories

Aside from our line of Bluetooth hearing aids, we also offer wireless Bluetooth accessories. These devices expand the capabilities of your hearing aids for a more enriching listening experience. Our Bluetooth accessories let you adjust your hearing aid settings, stream audio directly to your hearing devices and even amplify the voices of those around you. Our line of accessories include: 

  • TV Streamer
  • Table Microphone
  • Remote Microphone
  • Mini Remote Microphone+
  • Remote

Demo Bluetooth Hearing Aids at Help U Hear

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