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Awesome staff always helpful making sure you’re 100% satisfied before you leave. Absolutely recommend everyone that would need to get the hearing tested and or hearing aids go see Help u hear Madison In.

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Dean Roller, on Google

Heather was so professional and kind. She really explained everything so well and was very helpful. I would definitely recommend this location to any of my friends or family.

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Denine Mroz, on Google

Rep was very informative. Did not push higher priced hearing aides. Let my daughter make her own decisions. Easy to find location.

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margret anderson, on Google

Very professional and very friendly people who all seemed to have my best interests in focus. Highly recommend this service.

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Darrell Liter, on Google

This place is very thorough in their examinations and they take the time to explain everything. They do not try to sell anything. In fact, they will tell you if you do not need hearing aids. I was very impressed with their professionalism and yet they friendly and make you feel like you are their only patient. Thank you so much for testing my hearing and making me feel comfortable.

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Kay DuVall, on Google

Very professional and helpful. Both with the hearing test and selecting the proper hearing aids. I would recommend them for sure!!

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Eric Kinman, on Google

There was a new audiologist at this site,but she was well aware of information on my chart from the previous provider. She was very professional and pleasant as well. She was knowledgeable about ways to help with the questions I raised about my hearing devices. I would recommend this facility and this Dr. My second appt. With this Dr. Was equally very good. She knows her profession. Another visit to this pleasant office today. She fixed a problem with an adjustment to the devices. I am pleased with this service.

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Margaret Conradi, on Google

I have tried to fill this out two times before. I just want it to be known that I really like HUH. How ever if they were closer to me , I would like them more lol. I enjoy the service that I get from Dr. Audrey

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Jeffrey Anderson, on Google

They were very friendly and helpful. Took care of my hearing problem, and were very easy to work with. You guys did a great job, made me feel right at home.

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Rick Randall, on Google

Everything was done very professional!! Front Desk Receptionist greetings was very inviting when my mother añd I entered your Establishment! She ask for my name gave me necessary paperwork needed to fill out. Offer us coffee which my mother accepted graciously. The Audio Dr. ? Within 10 minutes to have me takes some tests needed also welcome my mom to come back where she could seat where I was (87 yrs) which I appreciate also. I will recommend this office to anyone!! Thank You!! 🙏🙏🌈🥰💙

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Cynthia Steagall, on Google

Staff was pleasant and professional. They did an excellent on the actual hearing aids. They also had to deal with issues with the insurance company and kept me well informed. I am a repeat customer and highly recommend them. Continuing to benefit from the good work from this location on the west side of Cincinnati road

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Bob Krider, on Google

Jenetta was extremely attentive to me and made the necessary adjustments to my hearing aids. I can now hear so much better and she saved my marriage. Lol!

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Larry Kleem, on Google

I had an issue with one of my hearing aids and they fit me into their busy schedule and resolved my issue quickly.

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Ken Wauligman, on Google

They are very friendly and courteous. They make you feel like you are very important and they take the time needed with you. They never rush you out for another appointment, they make you feel you are important to them. I would recommend them to family members and friends if anyone needs Hearing Aides highly recommend this company.

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Sue Perry, on Google

My visit was very professional and friendly when I first arrived. The actual testing was very informative. My follow up visit was great 👍. I have arthritis and it's very hard for me to handle my hearing aids, getting in the correct position. I was shown different ways to approach my problem. The result are on point. Excellent service

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Betty Jones, on Google

To be honest I'm not too happy with the quality of my hearing aids, but the audiologist and service that I received were excellent.

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Angela Ferguson, on Google

They treat me like a valued customer and friend. Helped me in between customers that had an appointment. Corrected my problem, they do business the old fashioned way, they treat people as they would like to be treated themselves.

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dennis berry, on Google

Very knowledgeable about hearing problems as I have. Right on the ball with the latest technology and knowledge about the hearing aids. I know about these products because I have been researching because I need to purchase new hearing aids.

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Phillip Cruser, on Google

Is fast friendly Courteous Acommodating... All the boxes are checked on the positive side of Great Customer service. While I do not have a complaint about it I do wish the office was open more than 2 days a week Both as a convenience to the customer and Provide a little relief To the good folks that work them offices

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George Knight, on Google

Very knowledgeable about product, and very helpful in explaining the best way to get the most out of the aids. Answered all questions I had, and helped with price concerns. Great people to work with!

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Randall Stevens, on Google

Very giving with their time, to help you have the best results.

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Esther Miller, on Google

I received the utmost care and respect from Help You Hear. You should check them out if you are experiencing any hearing issues. You will be glad 😊 you went. I now hear lots of things.

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Gary Lore, on Google

Wonderful staff who cared about me and my circumstances. Extremely helpful and accommodating in every way thank you so much.

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Roger Moore, on Google

It is a very nice place. The staff is very nice and they have coffee. Most places don't like my new dentist office. I miss my old dentist but he retired had been going to him since I was very little.

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Juanita Pennington, on Google

I was referred to Help-U-Hear by the person/company I originally bought my hearing aids from. I had no problem scheduling an appointment to get my hearing aids cleaned and a minor concern taken care of. Very nice and friendly people, that were more than helpful. I will use them again in the future, when needed.

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Marti Fields, on Google

Very easy to work with. Heather Relaxes you and treats you like family.

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Lori Robertson, on Google

I got my hearing aids from them a few months ago and i highly recommend them to anyone who needs them they are always polite helpful and know they're job so glad I went there for mine. Helen Stiers

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Helen Stiers, on Google

Trip was fine. Once I receive their solutions to my hearing loss will then be able to better voice an opinion

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Bill Goldsmith, on Google

Help U Hear Greensburg was my first experience with hearing aids. They are extremely knowledgeable of the available products and take the time to explain everything. I highly recommend Help U Hear in Greensburg to anyone interested in improving their hearing!

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Joe Jeffries, on Google

Jesse and I went for our hearing exam, we're very pleased with out experience, very nice people to work with

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Bonnie Gates, on Google

I had a very pleasant experience. Very nice very helpful I appreciate it

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Ken, on Google

Very Knowledgeable and a true professional business. Thank U !!!

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Robert Johnson, on Google

Kim Tierney, Wes so helpful with teaching me how to use the program on my phone to adjust my hearing aids and she is so polite. She explained things where I could understand what she was talking about, she was so good I am sending my friend to her so he can get his hearing aids. Kim you did an outstanding job I will be back and sending more people your way.thanks a million Kim. Thank you Patrick Wright

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Patrick Wright Sr, on Google

I had a wonderful experience so far . Barbara was very helpful,polite and a nice lady. Am currently waiting on my hearing aids. I could actually hear everything and then some when she had my proto types in my ears! I would highly recommend this place .thank you for helping me hear my children,my mother, my grandkids again!!

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Glenda Collins, on Google

I am so excited to say that Heather was super. She told me of all the different choices and picked up right away on my needs and wants. Looking forward to have good hearing again! Thanks!!!

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Carlene Monson, on Google

Friendly and knowledgeable staff.Quick to respond to any problems you may have. Brand name products at fair prices. Will recommend to anyone having hearing problems.

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ep Chambers, on Google

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Help-U-Hear; the staff is always friendly and helpful, and I feel I have had gotten an excellent product. I know that if I have a question, Courtney is going to do her best to help me with it.

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Michael Lunsford, on Google

I had my 1st hearing test done 2 years ago. Amy said I qualified for hearing aids but my insurance didn't pay for them. I came back last Friday and had another test she said my hearing had declined significantly. My insurance approved the aids within an hour. Amy called me to tell me. I am excited to be able to hear conversations that I have been missing.

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Debby Pfleging, on Google

Amy, the Audiologist, Courtney Smith, and the receptionist are all great people to work with in taking care of your hearing needs. They offer long-term care of your aids with testing included. I appreciate all they do.

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Paula Pierce, on Google

Amy Smith tested my hearing. She was friendly, helpful, kind, warm, and thoroughly answered all my questions. I would happily go back to her at the Bedford office if I lived closer. The receptionist kindly offered me a bottle of water as I was leaving.

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Robert Schwartz, on Google

By far better than anywhere else that I have been The staff are outstanding and care about their patients and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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Billie Vester, on Google

This place is awesome! I really didn’t think anything could be done to help my hearing loss but Terry made it happen! I totally recommend Help U Hear to anyone that has a issue hearing.

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Sharlene k Anderson, on Google

I was very impressed with the service I received today. I wasn't expecting to have my hearing aids taken care of and checked and calibrated to the correct readings. I was very impressed with the woman that helped. Such a great office.

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Gloria Mack, on Google

First and foremost, the staff is amazing!! And a ton of help during my exam with my 4 year old with me. Completely professional and understood exactly what needed. When it was my appointment there was no wait. And the technology is amazing, these aids are so comfortable, and I don’t want to take them out. It’s been a blessing to be able to hear clearly and decipher what I’m hearing. Thank you so much, it feels like a life changer. Highly recommend! ❤️

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Pitbull’s Paradise, on Google

David and the team are just fantastic to work with. There is a genuine sense of care for my hearing concerns and a willingness to do research in the market to match my needs with hearing aids that assist me in my profession as well as private life. Great place, great people!

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Andrew King, on Google

A great company that was able to assist me with my first set of listening devices. They were friendly, available to answer any questions that i had and work with VA! They are definitely worth checking out!

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Paul Patton, on Google

So glad we chose Help U Hear when we moved to Bloomington, IN. The owner is a very knowledgeable professional who took the time to test my hearing and make recommendation for new and improved hearing aides. He is available to answer any questions and makes regular appointments to clean the hearing aides and make any adjustments. I am a very satisfied customer!

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Maryrose McWhirter, on Google

Stopped in one day just to get some information on what brands they have and walked out with new hearing aids for my mom. The staff at Help You Hear are fantastic. Dr. David is so patient and kind, he even ordered a remote control to help Mom with volume control. Always there to answer questions and get a cleaning, I highly recommend them!

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Shari Wooster, on Google

I have been very happy with my new hearing aids. They are much more comfortable than ear pods or any other hearing devices. They are so comfortable I usually forget to take them out before going to bed. Great people to work with due to knowledge and friendly attitudes.

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Steven Finn, on Google

Where do I start – I have been losing my hearing for 32 years needless to say I have been to several hearing specialists. Never have been completely satisfied with the services I have received. Until a friend told me about Audibel and the ladies that work there. So I went there I am truly happy since I went. Courtney and Amy are the best. I received a very good testing. Courtney is very smart, kind and patient very understanding. She listens to you. I feel like a special friend. She patiently works with me till the problem is solved. I would recommend Courtney and Audibel to who ever has a hearing problem. They are very good at what they do!

P.S. I would go on and praise them more but I ran out of space.


I knew that my hearing had been damaged via 60-some years of living a noisy life. But when hearing some words became a problem and family and social communication impediment I sought hearing aid equipment. What I found a Help U Hear was smart, friendly, professional advisors to my hearing life. I would recommend their advice and service to anyone. It favorably compared to any medical professional I ever encountered. Oh yeah. And they do provide hearing aid equipment too. I received way more than I sought.

John C.

Being able to hear conversations the first time again, really understand them, was fabulous for me. Instead of asking my family to repeat themselves and try to visualize their lips as they talk, I had the opportunity to find that I just can close my eyes, listen, I would hear it and understand them.

Dawn C.

Our daughter would come into the room and ask why I had the TV so loud. It’s nice to be able to be in the room with others and not have them going crazy with the loud volume. It’s a good feeling to now have the sound come right into my hearing aids.

Patricia D.

When everyone around you is laughing and you don’t know why, because you missed the punch line. In church the pastor’s sermon goes right over your head and you missed an important meeting because some of the instructions and voices are indistinct. You can’t enjoy the music because the words are lost in the surrounding sound. Telephone conversations are total frustration.

Life is filled with embarrassing moments: and it is so tiresome to our companions to have to repeated themselves, which engenders impatience, anger and resentment on both sides.

The day I met Karen Bischoff, hearing instrument specialist, was the beginning of great relief for me and my family and friends. She helped me regain a lot of what I have been missing. Without her help I would not be able to enjoy much of life and I know it.

Especially now! That I have my new Audibel devices that are live streamed to my smartphone and car speakers, telephone conversations are clearer than ever! And the music is fantastic!

No hearing aids are not perfection, but the differences in my life are amazing. I shall be forever grateful.

Thank you Karen, Help you Hear and your support team.

Judy Robinson