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Awesome customer service after the initial purchase. Couldn’t be happier.

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Dave Leach, on Google

Welcoming, answered all my questions and professional.

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Gale Watson, on Google

Awesome for the hearing impaired. They work with you until you feel most comfortable with your purchase. The DR really cares about assisting in the perfect ways. Beats all the other hearing aid competitors by far❗️

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NANCY RILEY, on Google

I was apprehensive about this location because the outside doesn't look very professional. The inside was better but would have appreciated being able to fill out paper work ahead of appointment. Dr. was great and answered all questions well. Have not received hearing device yet.

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Jody Hoard, on Google

audry was wonderful. she took her time and did everything she could to help fix my problem even taking part of her lunch hour. shes great!

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bill wilson, on Google

Helped my husband get his first set of hearing aids. Very patient, easy to talk to, and service is excellent.

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Judy Rose, on Google

Everyone was very nice and supplied lots of information. I may do a trial of one of their hearing aids. My hearing aids are not very old, so I was mostly shopping to see what’s on the market and can they help me hear better.

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Dale Maris, on Google

Help U Hear has always taken the time to answer all my questions and is such a friendly atmosphere.

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Jim Fischer, on Google

Two lovely and very likable ladies. Very pleasant and knowledgeable. Good time!

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David Lucas, on Google

The ladies there are so nice and friendly, also very professional. They made me feel very welcomed like I had been coming there for years. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has a hearing problem.

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Haneyah Assiddiq, on Google

Great service. Best hearing aids I have ever had and knowledgeable and professional help. Highly recommended.

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Bb Jones, on Google

Help U Hear is a high quality, highly efficient organization. They give you first class service, you get in immediately and right back out. Not because they rush you through, but because they are so efficient and organized. The hearing aid product is also first class. I love my hearing aids.

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Steve Hood, on Google

W I was visiting from out of state and needed service help. They took me right in and quickly solved the problem. Thank you very much.

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David Kirchoff, on Google

Appointment this morning was very helpful since I found that left aid was not working. It will be sent in to be reparied. Also Kim put an apt on my phone so I can adjust volumn in each ear. I thank her for great service

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Eldon Perry, on Google

This company bent over backwards to get me the correct hearing aids I cannot thank them enough I would highly recommend this company the staff is very friendly and it's so great to be able to hear again

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Belynda Grays, on Google

I'm so glad that I got hearing aides the people at this place are really nice people

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Teresa Walker, on Google

Fast, friendly service. Excited for Mom's new hearing aid.

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Marcia Ball, on Google

Very knowledgeable about product, and very helpful in explaining the best way to get the most out of the aids. Answered all questions I had, and helped with price concerns. Great people to work with!

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Randall Stevens, on Google

Highly recommend the staff found ways to meet my needs while listening to my concerns.

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Ron Horan, on Google

Very helpful and thorough.

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Jerry Johnson, on Google

Great people. Great service. Very professional as well as friendly. God Bless & Thank You!

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Jim Miller, on Google

Amy Smith is a superb audiologist who gave me the most thorough and comprehensive exam that I have ever experienced. She took the time to answer my questions and explained what I’m experiencing with hearing loss. Don’t ever miss the opportunity to work with her!

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Steve Vetrano, on Google

I was referred to Help-U-Hear by the person/company I originally bought my hearing aids from. I had no problem scheduling an appointment to get my hearing aids cleaned and a minor concern taken care of. Very nice and friendly people, that were more than helpful. I will use them again in the future, when needed.

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Marti Fields, on Google

Very nice lady , checked my hearing aids ,, an adjusted one for me , I'm happy .

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Steven Willmy, on Google

Great people

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Tabitha Reed, on Google

My hearing aids did not work properly, so the tech replaced and set up a new pair for me. Proper customer service. 👍

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dennis berry, on Google

Very polite, friendly and helpful. Very glad I went there.

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Joe Burden, on Google

I had a good experience. Kim was very helpful with issues I was having with my hearing aids

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Sheila Brooks, on Google

Kim Tierney, Wes so helpful with teaching me how to use the program on my phone to adjust my hearing aids and she is so polite. She explained things where I could understand what she was talking about, she was so good I am sending my friend to her so he can get his hearing aids. Kim you did an outstanding job I will be back and sending more people your way.thanks a million Kim. Thank you Patrick Wright

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Patrick Wright Sr, on Google

Very attentive and thorough associate. Enjoyed my visit/exam. Thank you!

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Patricia Carrick, on Google

Staff was courteous, friendly, and prompt!! Explained everything in an easy to understand way with no pressure.

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Faye Taylor, on Google

Courtney is always friendly and helpful. Today she snared a lot of ear wax. I appreciate the fantastic service at Help You Hear!

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Judy Tribble, on Google

As veteran, Dr. Smith has been one of the only doctor that seemed to truly care about my medical issues. I highly recommend her anytime!

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Brandon Phillips, on Google

My mother is 94 years old. Her hearing aids have been bluetoothed to her phone. Using a cell phone is difficult for her. Some people would lose their patience when dealing with the elderly, but not Courtney. She always treats her with kindness & respect. Visiting this office is always a pleasant worthwhile experience.

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MARTI BELL, on Google

Staff is helpful and friendly. They were able to adjust to my work schedule and still get my needs met. Thanks for their efforts to finally get my hearing aids from the VA.

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David Ellis, on Google

Terrific experience Terri took time to check my hearing aides and make I had the proper perception loaded in my hearing aides and clean them great job.

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Jerry Tittle, on Google

I had an appointment today at 3:30 with help U hear. The practitioner was Terry Luttrell , she was very professional and did a tremendous job of showing me what my problem was. And she put a big smile on my face as I watched her work through my situation. If all of your practitioners are as good as she is all will go well With your company. Looking forward to seeing her again in three months.

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Millard Jones, on Google

Very relaxing and through fitting for my hearing aids. Friendly and caring. Would recommend for anyone needing hearing aids. The product that I received are remarkable. Thank you

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David Greenwald, on Google

I was told what hearing aids that were available and how they differed in function After selecting what seemed to be the best hearing aids for me several tests were done to see how they performed. These tests were seeing if could hear someone speaking from an adjacent room. I was shown how to change settings and how they performed..I feel the technician made sure that I was provided with the correct hearing aids for my personal use.

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Larry Mack, on Google

Nice and friendly staff. Fully explained use and settings available. Very flexible scheduling. Experience with everyone was top notch - highly recommend!!!

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Shannon Newkirk, on Google

At Help you Hear, they were very thourghal in the exam a d explaining the features of the product. We were not rushed or was there any high pressure to purchase. They also assisted in setting up a financial plan to fit our budget.

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Norman Buckner, on Google

My left hearing aid stopped working regardless of what I did. I’d had an ophthalmology appointment 2 days later so I stopped at Help You Hear after that appointment and David took me right in. He checked everything and determined the issue. It was a $150 part that he replaced. I don’t get my Social Security for another 2 weeks and he said that wasn’t a problem. They gave me a bill for the part - and at my request, added a $25 dessicant kit. The best service I’ve had in a long time! I highly recommend Help You Hear off Kinser Pike!!

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Mary Gossard Vance, on Google

Was recommended by some close friends. Very impressed over all. Everyone was very friendly and professional. A real comfortable environment. I would highly recommend them!

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GARY DYER, on Google

The staff was very friendly and efficient. They made getting my first pair of hearing aids a painless experience and made sure that I understood how to use them before I left the premises. I even received a follow up call the next day to make sure I wasn’t having any issues. I highly recommend.

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Tracy Archer, on Google

Where do I start – I have been losing my hearing for 32 years needless to say I have been to several hearing specialists. Never have been completely satisfied with the services I have received. Until a friend told me about Audibel and the ladies that work there. So I went there I am truly happy since I went. Courtney and Amy are the best. I received a very good testing. Courtney is very smart, kind and patient very understanding. She listens to you. I feel like a special friend. She patiently works with me till the problem is solved. I would recommend Courtney and Audibel to who ever has a hearing problem. They are very good at what they do!

P.S. I would go on and praise them more but I ran out of space.


I knew that my hearing had been damaged via 60-some years of living a noisy life. But when hearing some words became a problem and family and social communication impediment I sought hearing aid equipment. What I found a Help U Hear was smart, friendly, professional advisors to my hearing life. I would recommend their advice and service to anyone. It favorably compared to any medical professional I ever encountered. Oh yeah. And they do provide hearing aid equipment too. I received way more than I sought.

John C.

Being able to hear conversations the first time again, really understand them, was fabulous for me. Instead of asking my family to repeat themselves and try to visualize their lips as they talk, I had the opportunity to find that I just can close my eyes, listen, I would hear it and understand them.

Dawn C.

Our daughter would come into the room and ask why I had the TV so loud. It’s nice to be able to be in the room with others and not have them going crazy with the loud volume. It’s a good feeling to now have the sound come right into my hearing aids.

Patricia D.

When everyone around you is laughing and you don’t know why, because you missed the punch line. In church the pastor’s sermon goes right over your head and you missed an important meeting because some of the instructions and voices are indistinct. You can’t enjoy the music because the words are lost in the surrounding sound. Telephone conversations are total frustration.

Life is filled with embarrassing moments: and it is so tiresome to our companions to have to repeated themselves, which engenders impatience, anger and resentment on both sides.

The day I met Karen Bischoff, hearing instrument specialist, was the beginning of great relief for me and my family and friends. She helped me regain a lot of what I have been missing. Without her help I would not be able to enjoy much of life and I know it.

Especially now! That I have my new Audibel devices that are live streamed to my smartphone and car speakers, telephone conversations are clearer than ever! And the music is fantastic!

No hearing aids are not perfection, but the differences in my life are amazing. I shall be forever grateful.

Thank you Karen, Help you Hear and your support team.

Judy Robinson