Linda Tungate, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Linda Tungate

My family moved to Greensburg when I was 7 months old. I am a widow & have 2 children I am very proud of. My daughter is City Clerk Treasurer & my son is a long time employee of Gecom. They have blessed me with 8 beautiful grandchildren.  I have been a licensed Hearing Care Specialist for 10 years, joining Help U Hear two & a half years ago . I love my job & my patients who mostly become my friends. It is so rewarding to experience seeing someone who maybe hasn't heard well before undergo a whole personality change. Also, my paternal grandmother passed when my father was 5 years old due to (we think) a cholesteotoma in the ear, so I've always had an interest in diseases of the ear. Again, I just love my work & hope to make some differences.